Applying the theory of disruptive innovations to the field of language teaching

Introduction According to Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation (Christensen, C. & Eyring, H. J. (2011), as companies grow big, they tend to focus on the high-end market developing more sophisticated, expensive products. This leaves the lower-end market open for other competitors. A disruptive technology, then, is one that allows less established companies to provide a […]

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Flax and Flip your language classroom

The term “Flipped Classroom” was originally coined by two high school science teachers, Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams (Their book – Flip your classroom – Reach every student in every class everyday). The story was that the teachers discovered that lecturing to students was not an effective mean of teaching, so they started recording their lectures, […]

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Incorporating digital literacies into an EAP curriculum Part 2 – How

Recap:  The last post defines digital literacies as the ability to to comprehend information in a variety of digital environments to create and remix content to communicate appropriately in digital contexts to develop more confidence and comfort in online participation  to be able to evaluate and critique resources. (Belshaw, 2011)  This post will examine how […]

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Using Moodle 2.0 discussion forum for language teaching

The discussion forum continues to be my favorite Moodle tool for supporting my EAP (English for Academic Purposes) course because it’s great for promoting transparency interaction collaborative, student-centered learning fluency in writing reflective writing and critical thinking Also, its course management features make evaluating students a lot easier. Suggested activities 1. Post listening and reading questions Embed […]

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