Smart Yoga Pants

I have always thought that yoga is about self-awareness rather than self-consciousness, but these vibrating yoga pants, designed to correct “a wearer’s alignment using haptic feedback in the form of subtle vibrations” seem to be promoting self-consciousness; correcting us in a way more persistent than a yoga instructor, more intimate perhaps more intrusive than a mirror. 

Good yoga instructors often say that “Your body is your best teacher”; “No two yoga poses are the same”. For me, a good yoga class is when I discover something new, such as a hidden muscle that I have not used before, due to the constraints imposed by our physical body, culture and environment. For instance, while the design of desks and chairs in an office may be ergonomically sound, it acculturates and imposes constraints on us. For this reason,an average office worker, when visiting another country and having to kneel or sit crossed-legged on the floor,  may look extremely awkward.

Yoga for me is like an experiment, a journey of discovery, going beyond physical and cultural limits. Unfortunately I don’t think these vibrating yoga pants will help me in exploring beyond the those limits. Instead, the censors on the hip, the knees and the ankles work together to force the yogi to conform to an ideal form, yet another limit.

The featured picture comes from Fast Company’s article, “These vibrating yoga pants will correct your downward dog” 







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