CSSE Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014

My presentation on the instructors’ roles and challenges in a technology-mediated learning environment at CSSE 2014, Brock University


Purpose: The aim of the current research is to first examine to what extent instructors in a language institute partake in newer roles associated with using learning technologies and social media; second, it is to identify the challenges that instructors face in the process of technology adoption.

Method: A survey created on Google Forms was sent to instructors at the language institute of a university via email. A total of 28 responses were received. The results indicated that many instructors are participating in the new roles in a learning environment increasingly mediated by technology.

Results: The results show that many instructors have assumed in newer pedagogical, facilitation, managerial, and technical roles. In terms of challenges, the research shows that instructors face different types of adoption barriers when using hard learning technologies and social software. For instance, the main barriers to adopting hard tools are time concerns, finding appropriate resources that match the learning outcomes, and a lack of training. On the other hand, the key adoption barriers to soft tools include social media tools perceived as not effective in achieving learning outcomes and privacy concerns. This research has further implications for facilitating technology adoption in educational contexts. 


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