How to make your Moodle more social with a Twitter List

One thing you can do to make your Moodle course more social is by adding a Twitter List. Twitter lists consist of the posts or tweets by a group of Twitter users that you have selected for your students. In other words, the twitter list is a curated list of posts.

For instance, in my Moodle course for language learners at York University, I added the list “Tweets for YUELI students”.

1)    Create a list on Twitter

2)    Add the Twitterers that you think your students will be interested in. For my language students at York University, I added 4 types of Twitterers.

  1. Official sources of info from York University, i.e., York University News, York International, York Pride, etc.
  2. YUELI instructors and students
  3. York students who are “good” Twitterers – the best way to find these good people is to go on Twitter when a major event happens at York, i.e., graduation ceremony or power outage – the time when you can find Twitterers with a good sense of humor and a good deal of insight.
  4. Information about Toronto – The Now Magazine, BlogTO, AGO, etc.

3)    Create a Widget

  1. Go to Settings > Widget > List
  2. Select the list
  3. Create the Widget
  4. Copy the embed code – you can adjust the height if you want.

4)    On your Moodle page, add an HTML block and copy and paste the embed code there


Why add a Twitter List?

One advantage of adding this Tweeter list onto your course page is that, as language teachers, we often want our students to participate in events outside the classroom, and we want them to be more immersed in the target language environment. Thus, what the Twitter feed can do is to encourage this participation by delivering relevant information to the students in a timely and incremental manner.

Another advantage is that this essentially encourages language learners to develop an information network, that is much larger and much more diverse, which can have numerous benefits beyond the course.




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