Today’s tech geeks are not really geeks anymore

Today’s “tech geeks” are not really tech geeks anymore, when the knowledge threshold is set so low that it requires neither skills or dedication.

First, there is the iphone much like a flatscreen TV designed to be not only touch sensitive but the touch movements also correspond to how we manipulate physical things in the real world. Then, if you so desire, you can get the ipad, an iphone on steroids. If that’s not enough, there is the 84-inch multi-touch table, a sign of Google running out of good ideas. 

Admittedly, the Apple iproducts have revolutionized the way we aggregate and manage information, opened the technology to a greater mass, and the “marriage of arts and science” has given us beautiful products. But sadly, Apple and all the tech companies following its footsteps are creating passive consumers.

Our society often has a more negative bias towards people into fashion or buying beauty products, but views individuals with interest in technology positively. We must realize soon that today, people well-versed in the latest products today are no longer the geeks before 2000.  Many of them are no longer people who love or have the ability to innovate and tinker (after all the products are not made to be tinkered with anyway).


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