The sad truth is that many bosses don’t get millennials.

The proposed distinction between digital natives and digital immigrants, or the generation bound definition of millennials is unlikely to withstand scientific scrutiny. (Listen to the Myth of the Digital Natives on CBC’s Spark) In fact, most “digital natives”, as Douglas Rushkoff pointed out, actually can’t read computer codes and fail to understand how they are being controlled and programmed by the devices that they have grown up with.

In fact, technology doesn’t discriminate against age or generations. The kind of millennials described in this Forbe’s article “How Millennials are redefining their careers as hustlers” are simply people who have built an effective learning network for themselves. As learners, they may not fit well into the single-disciplinary studies in traditional universities; nor can they, as workers, be confined to a narrow job description of a particular position. Rather they are multi-taskers or system thinkers – companies that are able to harass their abilities and manage the diversity of knowledge sources are likely to be able to develop a system much more responsive to the changing market. The sad truth, however, is that many bosses don’t get millennials.


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