Smart Yoga Pants

I have always thought that yoga is about self-awareness rather than self-consciousness, but these vibrating yoga pants, designed to correct “a wearer’s alignment using haptic feedback in the form of subtle vibrations” seem to be promoting self-consciousness; correcting us in a way more persistent than a yoga instructor, more intimate perhaps more intrusive than a mirror.  Good yoga […]

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OER forum for B.C. Higher Ed.

Though the panel is from 2012, the ideas about openness in education are still very present and relevant. Alan Davis, President of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, talked about institutions’ readiness and what needs to happen. Brian Lamb, Director of Innovation at Thompson Rivers University discussed many open learning initiatives (See his example about open learning and experiential and authentic […]

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TESOL 2015 Presentation

  At the TESOL conference 2015 in Toronto, I participated in a panel presentation exploring technology-mediated language teaching and learning. I presented on a survey research I conducted on the instructors’ roles and challenges in a technology-mediated environment.  

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Applying the theory of disruptive innovations to the field of language teaching

Introduction According to Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation (Christensen, C. & Eyring, H. J. (2011), as companies grow big, they tend to focus on the high-end market developing more sophisticated, expensive products. This leaves the lower-end market open for other competitors. A disruptive technology, then, is one that allows less established companies to provide a […]

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Flax and Flip your language classroom

The term “Flipped Classroom” was originally coined by two high school science teachers, Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams (Their book – Flip your classroom – Reach every student in every class everyday). The story was that the teachers discovered that lecturing to students was not an effective mean of teaching, so they started recording their lectures, […]

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CSSE Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014

My presentation on the instructors’ roles and challenges in a technology-mediated learning environment at CSSE 2014, Brock University Purpose: The aim of the current research is to first examine to what extent instructors in a language institute partake in newer roles associated with using learning technologies and social media; second, it is to identify […]

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